libegg revisited

	I found myself hunting for the thread that brought about libegg to try
and remind myself of the rationale behind it:

	So, we've had libegg for 7 months now. I think we're in a better
position than if we'd continued using the eel, gal or gnome-desktop
model, but there are some definite problems with libegg as it stands:

	1) The multiple copies of the code are not generally not being kept up
to date in the modules where they are being used. I think we need some
mechanism whereby the maintainer of the code in libegg notifies the
holders of copies of any changes. Either that or libegg should be
installing loads of little static libraries. Actually, I think the
latter way could work well.

	2) There's no doubt - various bits are languishing in libegg. They
either don't have a clear destination library or the path to get it into
the destination library isn't clear. What's supposed to happen here is
that the author and maintainer of the destination library are
responsible for making sure things are progressing, but that's not
working very well. Perhaps we can have some overall libegg maintainers
who can get nazi on people's asses and kick out things that aren't

	Thoughts ?


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