Critical bug ? in Evolution related with i18n


I have just discovered a very critical bug with Evolution related with i18n.
Bug 51447 posted

Description of Problem:
Starting Evolution under any of Azerbaijani (az) and Turkish (tr) locales
makes Evolution return error like this depending on the last visited folder
in Evolution:

Error while 'Opening folder vtrash:file:/':
No provider available for protocol `file'

Also no messages appera in mail folders while there are. This does not
happen while running under other locales like 'ru' or 'en'. It doesn't seem
the translation problem because I can reproduce the error after deleting .mo
file in LC_MESSAGES folder of locale.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Run this fom command line:
LANG=az evolution
LANG=tr evolution
Login to Gnome selecting one of these locales from GDM and start Evolution.

Actual Results:
Avolution gives error

Expected Results:
It should start under the supposed locale normally.

How often does this happen?
Everytime I run Evolution under az or tr locale

Additional Information:
If I select for ex. addressbook, quit Evo and start it again ınder these
locales it starts without errors but shows error as soon as one of mail
folders is selected and shows no messages in those folders. Interface shows
I am not very sure that this is an Evolution bug. It might perfectly be a
pango or Gtk bug because some guys at irc said that it is cause by az and tr
locales having two states of letter 'i' (one with dot, other dottless).

Hope to hear from Evolution guys about this problem.


PS: sorry if I post to wron lists but I caould not find the Evolution mail
list address.

Metin Amiroff
metin karegen com

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