Re: Monkey Bubble modules list submission

mån 2003-10-13 klockan 17.10 skrev Laurent Belmonte:
> I would like to submit Monkey Bubble for inclusion in the 2.6 modules
> list. Monkey Bubble is a bust'a'move clone built using Gnome
> technologies. It currently supports 1 and 2 player games, is level
> compatible with frozen bubble, and features svg vector graphics for
> resolution independent display.
> Adding Monkey Bubble to gnome will bring a fun arcade game to the
> desktop release.

Is the plan to integrate monkey-bubble into the gnome-games module?

If not, are the monkey-bubble developers prepared to move to using GNOME
CVS should monkey-bubble be accepted into the GNOME Desktop & Developer
Platform, to ease the work of translators, docs people, QA and so on?


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