gnome-network 1.99.3 released

GNOME Network ( is a set of
client network-oriented tools, which currently contains a network
information tool, a remote shell and desktop clients, a personal web
server and a desktop sharing tool.

Changes since 1.99.2


    - Many compilation and build failures fixed.

  Network Information tool:

    - Added validation of hosts before starting operations (William
      Jon McCann, Carlos García)
    - Some HIG-ification work (William Jon McCann)
    - Added support for whois (William Jon McCann)
    - Added 'Clear History' menu item (William Jon McCann)
    - Changed File menu to Information, following HIG (William Jon

  Remote desktop client:

    - Fixed #125728 (Christian Krause)
    - Fixed .desktop file to match HIG (Rodrigo Moya)

  Desktop sharing tool:

    - Added desktop sharing tool (Rob Clews)

  Personal Web Server:

    - Set default port to 8000 (Álvaro Peña)
    - Fixed #127263 (mrkidd)
    - Fixed #127264 (Álvaro Peña)


    - Azerbaijani (Metin Amiroff)
    - Croatian (delacko)
    - Czech (Miroslav Trmac)
    - Dutch (Vincent van Adrighem)
    - Greek (Kostas Papadimas)
    - Korean (Changwoo Ryu)
    - Norwegian (Kjartan Maraas)
    - Portuguese (Duarte Loreto)
    - Serbian (Danilo Å egan)
    - Swedish (Christian Rose)

Tarballs can be downloaded from
Apart from the tarball in this release, you will need:
* a decent GNOME 2.x system and libraries
* libcherokee
for the Personal Web Server
* libvncserver ( for the desktop sharing tool

Bugs can be reported to

Suggestions, patches, comments, etc can be sent to
gnome-network-list gnome org

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