Re: expocity -- Expos� implementation for metacity

Oh, it looks like he hit commit by mistake.... My bad.


On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 2:48pm, Martin Grimme wrote:
Hi all,

I have implemented expocity, an Exposé-like feature for metacity.
It would be great if anyone is interested in integrating the
patch into metacity CVS.
The (attached) patch applies on the CVS metacity from today and,
as an addon, doesn't actually touch very much of metacity's
original code.

The window thumbnails appear when pressing Alt+Tab currently,
which replaces the tablist. It would be good if someone with
more knowledge about metacity's code moves it to a free

expocity works without the new XDamage extension and can thus run
on a standard X-Server. XDamage support could be added later
without too many problems, I think.

More information and a screenshot can be found at

What do you think about this?


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