RE: vcard-integration for gnome

> Note that you do not need to bind ORBit, but you can use 
> another (C++) ORB instead, as long as it is able to 
> communicate with ORBit (which is after all, what CORBA is about).
> For Ada for instance, the idea is to use an Ada ORB to 
> communicate with ORBit.
> In the past we used AdaBroker, and in the future we'll use polyorb.

I know this is supposed to work, and I know that the accessibility guys have
had success using a Java ORB, but I'm not convinced it can be used to do all
the old BonoboUI menu/toolbar stuff. I'm fairly sure that BonoboUI does not
support a pure CORBA API. But this is an old conversation, and I have not
done a full investigation.

I am prepared to believe that it might be a BonoboUI-specific problem - both
the C API and the CORBA bits have been too poorly documented for us to
figure out what we are supposed to be trying to do anyway.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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