RE: vcard-integration for gnome

> From: James Henstridge [mailto:james daa com au] 
> >This looks like a bonobo or CORBA server. Is there any particular 
> >reason that this needs to be a bonobo server? That does make it 
> >difficult to wrap for language bindings.
> >  
> >
> Doesn't that make it easier for language bindings?
>  If you 
> already have 
> an ORBit binding

It's very difficult to have an ORBit binding. We have no hope of orbitcpp
reaching API stability any time soon. Also, the official CORBA binding
specification for C++ is very un-C++-like. You've been a bit more lucky with
Python, probably because Python is newer. And I guess C# can do what it
likes until a CORBA mapping specification arrives.

> (which is pretty much required to wrap 
> libbonobo+friends fully), then you should be able to make use of the
> CORBA interfaces with little or no additional code.

Luckily, for the bindings, very few things in GNOME use CORBA, and less of
our undeprecated API will in future.

I am willing to accept the use of CORBA anywhere as long as I see a good
reason for it. It does not seems to be a good way to help bindings.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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