Re: desktop-devel-list digest, Vol 1 #1789 - 12 msgs

> You have been waiting long enough to get your app into Gnome. You
> must already have known that we will cheerfully take any subject
> and get far, far afield with it :) 
:) As usual, I did not expect things will go THAT far. Typical.

> I couldn't catch you on IRC when you asked me about this. Sorry
> about that, but tea had arrived :)
<offtopic>Tea is really important. Seriously. I hope it was good enough
(and I bet it was without lemon - people on British isles just don't
know how to make proper tea:) </offtopic>

> It should be UK. UK includes GB within it. GB doesn't include
You see - people in the Ukraine are not going to give you UK :)

Sure, the translated variant in xfree86.xml will "polish" name/id
conflicts. But again, since icons are themable - there can be different
"themes" for different countries, cannot they? Well, I know - just
shipping taiwanese flag to China is a crime. So the "default" theme can
become offensive.

Well, at this point I'm afraid I have no choice but to dig the idea to
have unified flags repository in GNOME. I will think about providing
this feature in some "non-documented" way. Or just moving it to
gswitchit-plugins (which luckily do not have to be politically correct -
they don't belong to the official GNOME). I feel sorry for some part of
gswitchit users...



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