Re: Battfink for GNOME 2.6

Am Mo, den 17.11.2003 schrieb Glynn Foster um 04:53:
> Okay, I guess this mail is really just another hope that some one might
> have some spare time, and feel like hacking on a pretty small module.

Well, I don't think that anyone of us will ever have as much spare time
as he likes to spend in the free software world. I can happily tell you
that I love battfink and that I'd love to spend my time with it
(starting this weekend).

> So, I guess that's a tentative inclusion for 2.6. I've just spent a
> while looking at the battstat code and it is incredibly yucky [close to
> struct members in battstat.h].

So I offer to spend more time on battfink than just using it and try to
make it a cool addition for 2.6.

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