Re: Sound events and GnomeMeeting

<quote who="Bill Haneman">

> For hearing-impaired we need an API-based approach to all event-ish
> sounds.  At the same time, a single kind of 'beep' isn't enough, for
> reasons others have already outlined.

How about a deeper, rich, ATK-reactive approach? Then all of these kinds of
event notifications can be provided and configured by an external manager,
for users who require it. The basic desktop support for sound can then solve
the general problem (beep at me when I need to be interrupted), without
being over-complicated, but we can still provide a rich sound experience for
users who require it (or anyone who wants to work on really interesting
aural feedback stuff, which is going to be a heck of a lot of work if it's a
purely API-based approach).

- Jeff

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