Re: gnome-panel rounded corners

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:
> 	That could work. The downside is that you always have the
> inefficiency of a pixmap background for every panel ...

I guess it wouldn't be "every panel" -- maximum four of them per
screen ;-P

Even more usually, I would expect it to be only two (I myself doubt
that it would be pleasing to have rounded corner on a panel that takes
just one corner, so I think this should apply *only* to "expanded"
panels). I don't think there would be any performance loss -- holding
in memory and blending 49 (7x7) pixel images is fairly fast on any
machine Gnome runs reasonably well on, even if that is multiplied by 4.

Btw, did anyone consider how would vertical panels look with rounded
corners? Will it not look strange?


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