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I've been working on SourceBase ( which is a
generic parser library with support for pluggable storage backends and
parsers. The current set of parsers include C, C++, Java, M4, Python,
etc. The significant thing is that the parsers can handle comments,
cross-freference, inheritence and other goodies, so it should be pretty
easy to do everything Doxygen, gtk-doc, etc. can with a bit of effort.

If there is interest in replacing gtk-doc with something more generic
and extensible, please let me know. SourceBase is pretty small (Glib is
the only dependency) and the parsers are pretty good (based off source
navigator). I'm hoping to make a release by the end of this month.


> Hi Josh,
> > I don't know as to whether it supports C++ or not. My feeling is that it
> > probably doesn't support anything beyond just C with some stuff for
> > GObject hierarchy, properties and signals. Most of the work is done in
> > perl scripts, and that is often how I figured out its behavior is by
> > looking at the source. Good luck!
> Are you (or is anyone else) interested in doing some more work with
> the gtk-doc PERL scripts?  I'm part of a group of people that have
> been putting together a proposed API for GNOME Speech v1.0. This API
> is heavily influenced by the Java Speech API which has extensive JavaDoc
> comments. We have used this to add extensive IDL style comments to the
> IDL files.
> It sure would be nice, for somebody knowledgeable in PERL and/or gtk-doc
> to be able to work out how to turn this into gtk-doc style documentation,
> rather than forcing the developers to have to browser .idl files. Note
> that this functionality would then be useful to several other GNOME modules
> that have IDL files.
> Thanks.
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