Re: [Usability]Dealing with files in Gnome

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, MArk Finlay wrote:

> There is a lot of duplication here. eg. we have internal and external
> image viewers: "Open with gthumb" "Open with eog" and "Open with Image
> viewer". All in all, it's less than ideal IMHO.


> could they want to do with them?" There are the obvious move, delete,
> rename, copy which I'm not going to go into[2].

'Copy' - yeah that's one of my pet peeves. But I guess this is covered in

> Would it not make more sense to have "View with.." and "Edit with.."
> items in the nautilus context menu, than to have an "Open with.." item
> with a mixture of viewers and editors, and with no obvious distinction
> between them?

I like how that sounds. However, should this also reflect on the menu
options available in the main Nautilus Edit and View menus? (For that
matter, are all current context menu options available from the main menu?
I seriously don't know for certain and can't check right now.)

> should not overlap. I find that users get very confused when they click
> on a file and then the directory they were browsing disappears. It seems
> much more intuitive to me to have the file be "viewed" in a new window
> and have the user close that window when they are done.

Nautilus can already do this. There's a pref to say it should open a new
window for a selected item, and this is the way it should work IMHO.

> [2] But I do think that we should use pick up and drop

Completely agree.


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