Re: Keybindings Problems

Andrew Sobala wrote:

On Mon, 2003-03-31 at 14:42, Frank Belew wrote:
Here's the situation:
We have a Keybinding scheme selection box in the control-center
It has a dropdown with 2 choices, Emacs, and GNOME Default
I choose emacs, but in many applications (including gedit which I would
think would be one of the few to get it right), are busted.

In gedit, I hit Ctrl-A, it selects all, emacs says beginning of line
There are other examples of this kind of inconsistent behaviour
throughout gnome. Some worse than others.

Since its a problem with XEMBED weirdness and menus, I'm mailing here
instead of filing specific bugs on the apps. If this option can't be
helped, why is it there to confuse someone who _thinks_ they are going
to get their emacs keybindings?

Yeah, the bug's filed in control-center. Although really the emacs mode
should be removed as a crack feature :-)

Well in all fairness the only reason its a crack feature is that it is incredibly hard to impossible to support in most apps in a clean way. [1]


[1] this coming from someone who has no clue about the emacs bindings.

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