Re: help with gtk-documenting libgnomeprint & libgnomeprintui

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 21:26, Chema Celorio wrote:
> I was improving the API documentation coverage for libgnomeprint[ui] and
> bumped into something that I can't figure out. For some reason object
> macros appear in libgnomeprintui-undocumented.txt but not others, for
> example: GNOME_FONT_DIALOG macros
> are marked as undocumented but GNOME_PRINT_DIALOG macros are not. I've
> been trying to find the difference between this two to determine what
> makes one appear and the other one not, without success.

The basic widget macros like GNOME_FONT_DIALOG are usually placed in the
<SUBSECTION Standard> part in the XXX-sections.txt file. They won't be
output in XXX-undocumented.txt then.

(I don't think we output any documentation for these basic macros at present.
I did intend to output a brief common description of them, but didn't get
round to it.)

> Also, how can i document #define MACRO "string" (as in
> gnome-print-config.h GNOME_PRINT_KEY_COLLATE)?

You could add the documentation in the tmpl files, i.e. in

Or I think you can now use normal comment blocks in the .h files,
like this:

 * Magic number for #GdkPixdata structures.
#define GDK_PIXBUF_MAGIC_NUMBER (0x47646b50)    /* 'GdkP' */


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