RE: Uploading the API docs

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 08:29, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > From: Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller 
> > Ok, I kicked myself into gear today and started uploading docs. I have
> > added linc, bonobo-activation, libbonobo and libbonbobui docs.
> > 
> > I also added external links for API docs to librsvg, ORBit and
> > GStreamer.
> Great. Please keep the Desktop APIs (e.g. Gstreamer) separate from the
> Platform APIs.
This is now done with a separate section for API desktop lib docs.

> > I was thinking that for the bindings we would maybe want to do what I
> > have done for librsvg and GStreamer and link to docs hosted on project
> > homepages instead of copying docs onto At least until
> > Jeff autobuild stuff is ready.
> I don't think needs to show API docs for bindings. Links
> to bindings home pages are surely enough. 
Bindings section with link to gtkmm added. Other people with bindgings docs ready to be
linked to let me know.

> > I will also get gnome-print docs onto the site. Any other libraries
> > people want to see docs online for?
> gnome-vfs, libgnome, and libgnomeui docs would be very helpful. And any
> gnome-panel API docs that might exist.
Ok, all done except for gnome-panel which I lacked the deps for
currently. If someone sends me a gnome-panel API docs tarball I would
appreciate it.

> > The docs are available at:
> >
> Unfortunately I don't see any change there yet.
The changes got overwritten due to me being braindead. The braindead
issue persist, but the problem is now solved :)

Hope this will suffice for the time being, I plan on going over some of
the docs now as I saw several of them needing some lovin.


> -- 
> Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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