Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

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>From: Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>
>To: mpeseng tin it
>Cc: Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>,
>	Luis Villa <louie ximian com>,
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>Subject: Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)
>Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 11:32:09 -0500
>On Wed, Mar 26, 2003 at 09:54:44AM +0000, mpeseng tin it wrote:
>> I think the advantages of Galeon/Epiphany at the moment are:
>> 1 Native widgets (the native theme thing even if would work perfectly
>> solve only part of the problem)
>> 2 HIG compliance
>> 3 Use of system prefs (proxy, toolbars...)
>> 4 Simpler interface (Phoenix could help here)
>> 5 Mime types/protocols integration
>Another possible advantage is keeping our GUI shell more orthogonal to
>the layout engine; not having looked at the code, I could imagine
>porting epiphany/galeon to something other than gecko if we ever end
>up wanting to do that, without causing much end user disruption.
>While with mozilla you have the xul chrome tightly bound up with the
>gecko engine.

Yeah, the embedding api in galeon/epiphany is abstract. In theory you can
just reimplement EphyEmbed and EphyEmbedSingle to support a different rendering
engine. Obviously, it's probably not going to work without some api reworking,
but it should not be hard.


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