RE: Tarballs DUE: 2.3's first release

Hey guys,

Just a friendly reminder, from another friendly release team member [1].

We have the following -

> ORBit2

I'm guessing 2.7.0 will do here..

> eog

We have 2.3.0, thanks Jens!

> file-roller

We have 2.3.0, thanks Paolo!

> gconf
> gedit
> ggv
> gnome-applets

We're still looking for these ones!

> gnome-common

Anyone volunteer to do this one, considering the changes that have been made?

> gnome-control-center

Still looking for this, Jonathan?

> gnome-desktop

We have 2.3.0, thanks Arvind!

> gnome-games

We have 2.3.0, thanks Ross!

> gnome-media

Any updates, Iain?

> gnome-panel
> gnome-session

We have 2.3.0 version of these, thanks Arvind!

> gnome-terminal
> gnome-themes

Any updates here?

> gnome-utils

We have 2.3.0 - my maintainer ploy didn't work [sigh]

> libbonobo
> libbonoboui

Michael, any updates?

> libgnomeprint
> libgnomeprintui


> libwnck

Still need this one!
> linc

We have 1.1.0 - I'm assuming this will do.

> metacity

I'm pretty sure there's a lot changed for this one, Havoc?

> procman

We have 2.3.0, thanks Kevin!

> vte

Any updates, Nalin?

We could also do with releases for some of the proposed GEP modules - I know
we've already had a release for gcalctool.

So *much* still to release - we'd really like to kick the GNOME 2.3.0
Development cycle off to a good start.

		Let the tarballs roll!


					Glynn ;)

[1] trying to take the slack off Jeff who's struggling without a net
    connection right now...

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