gome-panel, gnome-session and gnome-desktop 2.3.0


* What are they ?

        gnome-panel contains the GNOME panel which the area on your
desktop from which you can run applications and applets, and perform
other tasks.

        gnome-session contains the GNOME session manager, the GNOME
session manager configuration program and several other session
management related utilities and the GNOME session manager proxy, which
handles basic session management for applications that do not  support

        gnome-desktop contains the libgnome-desktop library which
contains APIs that really belong in libgnome[ui] but have not seen
enough testing or development to be considered stable. It also contains
documents installed as part of the core GNOME distribution, e.g. the
GPL, GNOME's .desktop files, the gnome-about program, some manpages and
GNOME's core graphics files
and icons.

* What's changed ?

gnome-panel 2.3.0

Major Changes Since 2.2.0:

 o Panel
        * All the old panel types have been replaced with a single
          panel type which can be configured to behave like the old
          types: (Mark)
            + You can move and resize the panel using the keyboard
            + The panel can be any arbitrary size
            + Autohides to the corner of the screen
            + Grab handle on floating panels
            + No bevel at the screen edge

        * The global keybindings for the panel are not handled by the
          panel anymore. It is expected that window managers will
          handle these keybindings and invoke the actions using the
          protocol described in doc/gnome-panel-action-protocol.txt.
          Metacity handles this currently (Mark)

        * A new property dialog for panels (Mark)

        * Substantially re-worked GConf setup. Notifications should
          work for most things, all keys should be documented and
          have schemas associated with them, no longer use silly
          identifiers for panels ... (Mark)

  Note: much of this still requires work. Known issues:


 o Applets

        * Mailcheck applet has moved to gnome-applets (Mark)
        * New "Window Menu" and "Menu Bar" applets have been 
          added (Mark)
        * All window management related applets are now in their own
          out of process applet (Mark)
        * The clock applet has a calender (Havoc)
        * The Workspace Switcher is now flush against the screen 
          edge  (Mark)

Bugfixes, tweaks etc.:

 o Panel

        * Remove the dependancy on libwnck (Mark)
        * Half fix the "window list won't expand" issue (Mark)
        * Make the "Add to Panel" menu much more sane (Frank Worsley)
        * Fix the opacity slide in the new properties dialog (Arvind)
        * New tooltip for Run Program menuitem (Alex Duggan)
        * Fix menu bar popup menu popping up for all menuitems (Arvind)
        * Fix issue with new properties dialog being always on top
        * Fix issue with setting an incomplete restart command
                                                   (Matthias Clasen)

 o Applets

        * Error dialog to explain why the show desktop button doesn't
          work with non EWMH compliant WMs (Havoc)
        * Sync the max number of workspaces with metacity (Mark)
        * Fix the version number in the Window List and Workspace
          Switcher (Alex Duggan)
        * Move the "Show Desktop Button" into the "Actions" category
                                                      (Frank Worsley)

 o Miscellanous

        * Updated documentation (Irene, Breda, Takeshi)
        * Build fixes (Dan Mills)


        * az(Metin Amiroff), be(Dmitry G. Mastrukov),
          bg(Alexander Shopov),da(Ole Laursen), eo(Joël Brich),
          es(Pablo Gonzalo del Campo), et(Tõivo Leedjärv),
          fa(Roozbeh Pournader), fr(Christophe Merlet),
          ko(Kang Jeong-Hee), lt(Vaidotas Zemlys), ml(FSF-India),
          mn(Sukhochir), nl(Vincent van Adrighem), no(Kjartan Maraas),
          ro(Marius Andreiana), ru(Dmitry G. Mastrukov),
          sk(Stanislav Visnovsky), sq(Elian Myftiu), sv(Christian Rose),
          tr(Fatih Demir), zh_CN(Xiong Jiang) and zh_TW(Abel Cheung).

gnome-session 2.3.0

        * New logout effect (Iain Holmes, Mark)
        * Fix hang with multiple apps requesting interaction (Arvind)
        * Implement muli-screen support for logout help (Bala, Mark)
        * Test wrapper for testing out logout effects (Mark)
        * Warning fixes (Mark)


        * az(Metin Amiroff), be(Belarusian team), fa(Roozbeh Pournader),
          hi(Gnome Hindi Team), ml(FSF-India) and wa(Pablo Saratxaga).

gnome-desktop  2.3.0


        *  ga(Paul Duffy) and ml(FSF-India).

* Where can I get them ? [1]



[1] You might have to wait till the mirrors sync

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