Re: gtk_window wmclass_name

On Tue, Mar 25, 2003 at 06:18:23PM -0500, Christopher James Lahey wrote: 
> I'm not concerned with how it decides grouping.  I'm concerned with what
> label gets displayed for the group.
> I'm fine with it using wmclass to do grouping.  The problem is when this
> string gets displayed to the user.
> Perhaps we need to add a property that specifies the user visible name
> of the group.  We would use g_get_application_name to set the value and
> tasklist could use it if it was there and fall back to wmclass_name if
> it's not.
> In any case, the bug is that galeon 1.3.3 shows up in the task list as
> galeon-bin.  I just want to display the right thing for the user.

AFAIK this is already working. If you call g_set_application_name()
(as gnome-terminal in CVS does) you will get that name as the name of
your tasklist group. The window list supports this since GNOME 2.0,
and I added g_set_application_name() in 2.2 precisely so apps could
easily fix their window list group title.

You may have to call g_set_application_name() prior to gtk_init() for
it to work.


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