Drag and Drop event behavior

I didn't get an answere in the gtk-app-devel list so I thought I would
try my luck here.

I am writing DnD into my app and while the docs are great for getting
one started receiving events they fail to fully explain the behavior of
those events. I need a continuous update of the source object's position
when within the target drag area.  I figured out that if I return FALSE
from the drag_motion event handler I will get a continuous stream of
drag_motion events but no other DnD events will be triggered.  Returning
TRUE gives me one drag_motion event whenever I enter the target area but
also allows other signals such as drag_leave, drag_drop, and
drag_data_received to be triggered.

First of all, what does the boolean return values signify?  And second,
how would I go about getting a stream of drag_motion events while still
reciving drag_leave, drag_drop and drag_data_received signals?


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