gnome-games, the future and maintainership

Hi, your friend gnome-games maintainer here.

First -- a quick update.  I have started to prune the games for
gnome-games 2.4.0, the first development release 2.3.0 was just released
with gnibbles, gnobots2, iagno2 and xbill removed.  A mailing list --
games-list gnome org -- has been created for discussion of the games.  I
welcome everyone who has voiced an option about the games to join.

I am planning on doing a Glynn[1] and resigning gnome-games
maintainership after 2.4.0[2], so am looking for a new maintainer to
take over.  I feel that gnome-games is an excellent first maintainership
for various reasons -- mainly that it's not too complicated to build and
can hardly be called a critical component of GNOME.  I am therefore
thinking of finding someone who can be a co-maintainer during 2.3.x,
learning the ropes before taking over with the release of 2.4.0.

Future directions for the games include:
* HIGifying the games (I've nearly done Mahjongg so far)
* Pulling the logic from some games into a common library (gataxx and
  iagno look far too similar for comfort)
* Pulling out and re-working the gdkcardimage library from Freecell
* Committing every patch Callum "Scheme Man" McKenzie files. I'm glad
  someone else apart from jrb understands aisleriot...

There are rumours that the third point is basically a way of removing
Freecell, as it replicates a games in Aisleriot.  I can neither deny,
nor *cough cough* confirm this.

So, to summarize:
* join games-list!
* become l33t and maintain gnome-games! Women[3] love you for it!


[1] I hope to be more successful at this, however
[2] Greener pastures from where I stand include DevHelp and Sound Juicer
[3] Well, a woman. Telsa will love anyone who fixes obscure Aisleriot
    bugs she finds.
Ross Burton                                 mail: ross burtonini com
                                      jabber: ross jabber debian net
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