Can't set up nautilus url-handler to manage desktop-entries ...

I posted this some days before to the nautilus-list gnome org; but I'm not 
sure if it did reach them since I'm not subscrinbed. 
Since i neither can't solve the problem, and 
didn't get a reply yet, i dare to ask you directly.
I found your mail address on 
Sorry, if it's not the right one for me; please just forget this mail 
immediateley then. 

I've installed gnome2 with nautilus Version 2.0.7.
I tried to view with nautilus the contents of the 'trash' desktop entry, 
which goes like
[desktop-entry] Type: x-nautilus-trash
..and so on.
But it always opened the directory itself.
Then I made a silly mistake:
i fiddled with the advanced desktop-settings (from 
the 'gnome-menu') and changed the entry under 
to perform kedit "%s"
... But now clicking on the icon always opened kedit.
OK, that was shit. So i removed the 'kedit' entry...
unfotrunateley i couldn't remember what was inside there before, and 
let it empty thinking that was the default.
The problem is, still all desktop icons open a 'kedit' !

I looked up the GConf (Version 0.3.1) manager key entry under 
/desktopgnome//url-handler/trash, and it shows:
command = nautilus "%s" 

So what can i do to gain the original settings ?
I hope it's not a complete reinstall, for i already did a lot of configuring 
the gnome-seesion by now .... 
may i reinstall gconf ? Would that refresh the database ?

Help greatly appreciated !


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