Re: Gnome CVS and .po files

El vie, 21 de 03 de 2003 a las 15:17, Alberto Manuel Brandao Simoes
> Hi, all!
> I don't know who I should ask this... but here it is the idea:
> I'm working on parallel corpora (bilingual texts...) and one idea for 
> composing bilingual dictionaries is to align parallel corpora, 
> extracting dictionaries. .po files are, in fact, good
> studies examples, as they are sentence-aligned.
> My question is: can anybody from the CVS gnome server admins, mail me a 
> tar file with all the .po files in the CVS? Of course I can do this 
> checking out all the CVS... but disk space is not something raining from 
> the skies...
> If I can do it by myself without the need of disk space, please help me.

You can get those files from*

The files are updated every 3 times/day


> Thanks for the help.
> Alberto Simões
Carlos Perelló Marín
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