Re: Building *bonobo* docs ...

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> Is this somehow more systematic than what we are doing now or is it just
> "simple hack that Jeff understands" rather than "simple hack that Owen
> understands"? 

It's a more elegant hack to get us through until we have a whole new set of
problems to deal with (new website).

> You basically need:
>  - A from-CVS build script
>  - Some extra glue to extra the docs, create tarballs, put the
>    unpacked docs and tarballs in the right place.

That's basically all it is.

> If we can reuse something existing for the first, that's a good thing
> (though doing anything too heavy on widget is not a great idea.)

In the not-entirely-distant future, GARNOME will be able to provide
CVS-built documentation 'packages' from non-widget hosts. That will be a
truckload more flexible than trying to build stuff on widget.

> Anyways, I'm not one bit attached to what we have currently ... but I'd
> like to make sure we don't fall into the trap again of doing something
> that is going to require extensive maintenance. And it's worth at least
> looking at update-devel-docs-2 to see what it's doing and what the output
> needs to be.

This is slightly more obvious than the current one, but has been written
with compatibility with the output in mind. We can fart around with grand
new hierarchies and stuff later. I'm just doing this to stop everyone
complaining about our docs.

> Though, Jeff, you aren't the right person to be doing this until
> the new is up. ;-)

For a bunch of reasons, I'm offline for most of the time at the moment, so I
ended up doing this a couple of days ago when I had a moment. The right
person to do it is the person who actually does it.

- Jeff

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