RE: Building *bonobo* docs ...

> From: Jeff Waugh [mailto:jdub perkypants org] 
> <quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">
> > Does anyone know what is happening with this? If Christian doesn't 
> > have time, I believe John Fleck is ready to help out too.
> Whilst I have been away from the net a bit recently (grrrrr), 
> I have been working on a simple docs building thingy.
> It works on my machine, but I can't upload the results or get 
> it working on widget just yet (28MB generated in total, from 
> glib to libgnomeui, and I'll have to fart around with auto* 
> to make it work on widget).

That sounds great, BUT could we please not wait for this to actually be
completed. We need online docs now.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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