Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11) - Browser

Jeff Waugh wrote:

<quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">

What are the API-freeze/release dates for Mozilla's GRE module, which I
suppose Epiphany would use as a dependeny instead of the whole of Mozilla?
It needs to be compatible with the GNOME 2.4 schedule.

We don't necessarily have to rely on GRE, but then we do have to discuss a
whole mozilla dependency (which I don't believe is too onerous, but a lot of
people do, and there are a few API issues in there that some might be
worried about).

- Jeff

I guess one option would be for epiphany or galeon (being diplomatic here) to include an internal copy of mozilla (similar to phoenix). Might lead to some distro bloat, but also avoids the dependency problems.


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