Re: Possible solution to the spring loaded folders headache

> I don't see how this avoids any part of the patent[1].
> Which claim do you think you avoid? Even though the window looks different
> it still "includes identifiers within the window corresponding to objects
> enclosed by the opened enclosure".
Well.. Windows actually uses this for the start-menu, and I do not know if
they have licensed the patent. In addition.. it may be a "Window" in
implentational terms, but a menu is not a window in UI-terms or common
jargon. It probably comes down to what "Window" in the patent actually

A side note:
I also cannot find any ention of "click" or "keypress" in the patent. This
means that the context-menu containing a "move to" would be possible. I'm
just not a fan of overusing the context menu.

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