Possible solution to the spring loaded folders headache

The patch from iain showed that this kind of feature is really difficult
to be without as soon as you have seen it implemented.

Because of this, the whole patent issue made me pretty sad, and I'm sure
I'm not the only one.

Just a few minutes ago, I thought about a possible solution that could
provide the same kind of functionality without violating the patent

What if you opened up a pretty regular GTK-menu instead of a new window.
This menu could look very much like the standard foot menu, except it
would contain the contents of the folder (only subfolders, not files)

See mockup:

This might not be ideal, but it should be reasonably easy to implement,
and should work.

Dropping the file on either the Media-folder itself or the open space
(should not be THAT large) in the menu could drop the file in the Media
folder instead of a sub folder.

If this idea have already been mentioned I sorry for not seeing that post.


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