Battfink 0.2 - Who needs a release name when it's THIS good

Hey there,

Lovers of all things Battfink should funk down to the latest and
greatest -

Battfink is an energy saving preference dialog that allows you to set
your DPMS settings and display a battery notification icon. At the
moment, Battfink only supports APM, but I'd love if someone did the code
and tested it for ACPI - should be a 30 minute hackticle.

Battfink 0.2
        * Add a schema
        * Fix display of completely random times
        * Add a spec file
        * Add dialog when battery is low
        * Register icons with stock
        * Shorten time format to hr:mm
        * Re-structure menus in an attempt to obtain HIG enlightenment
        * Try to avoid more silliness in the display of times
        * Limit spin boxes according to the DPMS rules

I'm cc'ing gnome-i18n because I'd love to include it in the translation
table that you guys have.

I'm cc'ing desktop-devel-list because I'd love to get this included in
GNOME 2.4 plans.

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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