Re: 2.4 Module List and Rationale (aka GEP10 and 11)

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 22:42, Jean-Michel Ardantz wrote:

> 1- Multimedia applications because gnome 2.2 as only a CD player. 
> rhythmbox (music organizer), gst-player (generic media player, MP3,
> mpeg, DVD). Both use the same framework gstreamer (used also by the CD
> player). But those applications need to be more mature.

Yeah. I can see no reason not to put these in when they become more
mature. Gst-player is really comming on but rhythmbox is dead ATM.
net-rhythmbox is relatively stable, but will hopefully be merged with
rhythmbox eventually. May not be a 2.4 timescale thing though.

> 2- magicdev from Redhat distro. It is a gnome 2 application, using glade
> and gconf, and have a simple property window. The user can choose the 
> application to launch automatically when inserting a music CD, a DVD, a
> data CD. Should be in the control center package.

Agreed. I assumed it was already because I only use garnome and redhat.
It'd be cool to add the ability to detect blank cds as well and run an
app (coaster or nautilus-cd-burner come to mind)

> 3- A gtk2/gnome window to replace the default xscreensaver lock window 
> (add coherence to the desktop).

I actually e-mailed the xscreensaver maintainer about that. He said that
he does not use gtk because the dialog is running as root and that would
be a security risk. I think that he will accept patches to improve the
dialog - but not to make it gtk.

> 4- Network and administration tools but probably this will be done when
> gnome-network and gnome-system-tools will be mature.

Yeah, the GST is looking pretty good. We also need a "connect to
internet" wizard. Should be a part of the GST because the underlying
code is already there.

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