Re: Question about html widget

On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 21:31, Christian Rose wrote:
> fre 2003-03-14 klockan 18.52 skrev Bill Haneman:
> > gtkhtml
> > - limited accessibility support at present
> > 
> > gtkhtml2
> > + accessibility support
> > 
> > I expect gtkhtml will eventually catch up here and perhaps surpass, but
> > gtkhtml2 is where the accessibility team's html work is going at the
> > moment.
> Isn't that a bit odd, as people are from my understanding of past and
> present posts moving away from gtkhtml2 [1]?

There's a *looong* thread back in the archives about this.  I apologize
for not having time to rehash it now.

> Maybe I'm misunderstanding a couple of things here, but I just got the
> feeling of "a11y team keep working on a piece of code everyone else is
> about to leave behind", and I don't like the idea of that (and
> subsequent long rants and flames in all directions) happening again.

As you would have seen from the previous emails in this thread, there
are other reasons why gtkhtml2 is still an important widget.  I think
that moving to the other gtkhtml widget across-the-board would not be a
good thing to do at this time.

Also, accessibility actually does need CSS and DOM, and the gtkhtml2
codebase is way nicer to do accessibility work in.  I think that there's
room for two html widgets in GNOME - for instance it's not really clear
that using an edit-capable html widget always makes sense.


(p.s. - remember, I'm off the air in a few minutes, so I can't reply for
at least another week)

> Christian
> [1]
Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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