Re: How to add a entry in the GDM Language menu?


> > Hi,
> > 
> >     In gdm, the language will prompt for language that the user prefer,
> >     However, is it possible to add a new entry to it??
> >     What is the related config file?
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Jacky Lau Hok Yan
> I think what you're looking for is gdm2/config/locale.alias and
> gdm2/gui/gdmlanguages.c.
> I'm curious, what language is it that you want added? Is it a language
> that you have new translations for? In that case, please follow the
> instructions on, so
> that we can have a new language team properly arranged.

Thank you very much! I have done what I want. I.e. add "Traditional Chinese (UTF8)"
into the locale.alias.

For your curious :>, I just want to add entry for "zh_TW.UTF-8", "zh_CN.UTF-8" or 
perhaps "zh_HK.UTF-8" in MDK, RH, and SuSE. 

As I am managed to develop a IIIMF based IM for Hong Kong. While the IM is 
almost finish, but I need to figure a proper to integrate the IM into the mentioned
distro. By default, if the user choose zh_TW language, "xcin" is started. And I was told
not to override the default. So the only way I can figure out, is to add the x session 
start up script so that, when the environment is zh_{TW,CN}.UTF-8, start my
IIIMF based IM.

You may ask that, the IM is for HK, why not use "zh_HK.UTF-8". I find that, when
LC_CTYPE=zh_HK.UTF-8, the iiimf-backend seems not start properly. As I cna't
figure out any solution for these. And also most user in HK use TW locale as default
And that's why I made the decision.

Jacky Lau Hok Yan

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