Re: notification area


Le jeu 13/03/2003 à 14:17, Calum Benson a écrit :
> > Timer-based stuff of this sort tends to make trouble for accessibility,
> > BTW.  As a rule it's not supposed to be done, or one should be able to
> > turn it off.  Trouble is, this often means that it needs to be redundant
> > with some other kind of notification, making the whole business of
> > timer-based stuff less attractive.
> On Windows, I think the time-out depends on the severity of the
> message.  Critical messages like "you're running out of disk space"
> don't seem to disappear until you dismiss them, but the "Now Connected"
> balloon you get when your dial-up connection is established only hangs
> around for a few seconds.  (But even after the latter is gone, you can
> still see that the connection was successful because you the network
> activity icon remains there, so maybe that's a better criterion for
> deciding).

Regarding time-out, wouldn't it be better if the time-out countdown
starts with any mouse or keyboard activity. That way, you can avoid
displaying temporary alert without a user in front of his screen.



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