Re: patch-ahoy: gnome_url_show stuff

The original message was too big, so the patches can now be found at:

Original message:

> Here goes round two with a much improved set of patches. This is pretty
> much how I would like to commit this if people are ok with that. Patches
> for the panel and (time permitting) the run dialog are to follow. There
> are also new component_viewer and terminal schemas that go into
> gnome-vfs which I have not attached.
> Changes:
> - fix a bunch of bugs and crashers in the previous patch
> - introduce new GnomeVFSResult error codes
> - move all the url showing stuff into gnome-vfs including the url
> handler business
> - gnome_url_show reduced to wrapping gnome_vfs_url_show. it will fill in
> a GError with nice error messages for the different gnome-vfs error
> codes.
> - make nautilus work properly with this stuff
> - in the process fix #42391 in nautilus
> - two new eel timed wait functions: suspend/resume
> So, this is looking pretty good. It would be nice if I could commit
> these different parts. Some code review would be good.
> I am just writing this email by double-clicking on a launcher with
> "mailto:desktop-devel-list gnome org" as the target. Pretty sweet.
> Couldn't do that before.
> Later,
> - Frank

- Frank

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