Re: [Usability]Notification Area guidelines


One technical note; I think current notification area applet
implements the balloon thing in a very half-ass way. But what this
means is that if you fix it, then apps use the protocol, anyone using
the 2.2 notification area will get stuck balloons and things like

So, it's possible we need to rename the properties involved in the
balloon protocol to avoid triggering busted code in 2.2.

On the subject of the spec, I think what we might want to do is have a
"base" notification area specification, then some add-on extensions,
and some way to check if an area supports the add-ons. That way we can
still have good documentation on this stuff and let other desktops
implement it, even if we can't agree with KDE on all the guidelines.

For something like this that's an external interface to apps,
documenting how it works is vital, even the parts that are


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