Re: Notification Area guidelines


My case for continuous notification is... Lets say I get up to have a
coffee and only come back to my computer 5 minutes later.. if the bubble
has come and gone.. well I need to go check every notification app to get
the message.. so the notification has to stay there.. and if it doesnt
blink I might as well miss it.. I agree that it should only blink when
user action is required... (ie you can't let an icq message in the
incoming queue forever).  and the lending computer thing is not really
relevant on unix because you have the concept of multiple user accounts.

But I agree that we need clear guidelines and not too many ways to notify 

tester tester ca

Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly. -- Henry Spencer

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Lars Weber wrote:

> Olivier Crete <tester tester ca> wrote:
> > The balloon should go away after a while, but we should be able to 
> > continue blinking until a user action is taken when required. Everyone 
> > else does that and it seems to only reasonable way to go.
>         Can you give an example of where you think continuous blinking is
> preferable to simply showing a special `Important message' (or whatever)
> icon and doing the usual n seconds balloon/blink notification?
>         Personally I believe that a user should always have the option of
> ignoring requests made through the notification area because there *will*
> be situations where he simply doesn't care (just imagine yourself sitting
> in front of another person's computer and then the icon of his instant
> messenger to start flashing without end[1]).  Continuous blinking is like
> saying "Hey user, if you don't take care of me immediately, I'll make
> noise until you do!"
>         Another thing is that I feel that having too many different ways
> of notifying users (i.e. balloon messages / blinking / continuous blinking
> / special icons) will in the end just help to create confusion about what
> the proper behavior of status icons is.
> Regards,
> Lars
> [1] Something that *does* happen to me quite reqularly when I sit at my
> brother's computer!
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