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On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 00:49, Evan Martin wrote:

> (Now that I ask my girlfriend about it, she claims the Windows AIM has
> the close=reallyclose behavior, but I'm not sure where else the above
> friend would've learned his expectation from.)

Windows AIM does have that option, but it's not the default... the
default is to minimize to the system tray IIRC.

IMHO though, the X button on a top level window should always mean Quit,
and the Minimize button should always mean Minimize (to the window list
or equivalent).  I'd almost rather see a new window manager button
invented for "Minimize to notification area" than dilute this

I think it's pretty telling that on Windows at least, all the
applications I've seen that implement that Close=Minimize to System Tray
approach all feel the need to pop up an intrusive dialog when you click
the Close button saying "by the way, I'm not really quitting now-- you
have to do X, Y or Z to REALLY quit".  There wouldn't be any need to do
that if this behaviour was in any way obvious...


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