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Agreed. Using the notification area as some kind of weird alternative
to minimization seems pretty wacky.
Actualy, in a way it does not, think about this posible metaphore:
A tray icon is on all desktops, not just the one where the window would be minimized. If i click my tray icon to open up the window and see whats up, does the app move desktops? Isn't that just as confusing?

I think a part of the confusion comes from the fact that it is not a 'mail notification', which would flash 'you have mail' and you would launch a mail program to check it. Instead, this type of program is Client / Server /GUI in one, so while they do want the 'server' to be running, so they can recieve messages, they do not want the GUI in their desktop space the whole time. I gues the only posible solution to that would be to split the app in three, a server, a notification applet, and a client.. But wouldn't that suck to have to restart the client the whole time? (and really, wouldnt building your own client/server model & protocols and all the other extra overhead be a bit overkill for a gaim/gnomeicu like program?)

I think the server+notification is what people are percieving and expecting, and they don't really want to see every service they are running on their taskbar.

So with the new "client / server / notification" in one concept, Doesn't it make sense that it can show and hide the GUI window?

Ps, on another topic in this thread

Should single-click or double-click activate the icon?

I would say single click, since every menu & launcher on the taskbar is single & right click for action & applet-menu, why confuse ppl?

   -- Chris

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