Re: Do we care about spec files?

tis 2003-03-11 klockan 20.40 skrev Neil Weisenfeld:
> Where's the proper place to ask about fixing the spec files distributed
> w/ GNOME packages?  With the releases of nautilus, eel, gnome-desktop,
> gnome-panel, and gnome-session, only one of these (eel) had a working
> .spec file.  

Probably the best ways are 1) to submit bugs against the different
packages in bugzilla with patches for the spec files and the PATCH
keyword set, or 2) mail the package maintainers and offer to maintain
the spec file for their package.

I guess most package maintainers with broken spec files are perfectly
aware that there are problems with those files, it's just that noone has
offered to update/maintain them or submitted patches for them recently.

There used to be some spec file fixing activity in the GNOME Packaging
Project ( Perhaps you can also
join ( there if you
are interested in improving the situation.


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