RE: build breakages: Make a fuss

I changed the subject because this doesn't have anything to do with

> as for head now there are these issues i encountered for now maybe it
> helps:
> - gnome-user-docs the accessibility documents can't be 
> installed because it searches for different omf files.
> - gnome-system-tools, the backends directory can't execute 
> the file to create the configure file. related to 
> recent gnome-common change.
> - ghex, want's to generate the ghex.pc file for the library. 
> unfortunately such a file is not existing.
> - dia, issues in the configure script finding freetype 2 in 
> /usr/X11R6/lib
> - evolution, same issue with libical directory, can't execute 
> the file to build the configure file. related to 
> recent gnome-common change.
> - rhythmbox from cvs head, during the make process it fails 
> in the shell dir to create the Ryhthmbox.idl file (e.g. 
> creating the headers). you need to manually go into the shell 
> dir and execute make.

Although it would be great if you sent emails to the project-specific
mailing lists telling them about these problems (or maybe add them to a
relevant bugzilla) these are not part of meta-gnome-desktop so they are not
as critical. However, I bet some people will fix them just because they have
seen your email. Well done.

> - fileroller, problem in the src/makefile because of LIBOBJ, 
> patch is on bugzilla but not applied yet.

I heard that the fileroller maintainer knows about this and feels the patch
is inappropriate for his own setup. It's annoying though.
> - vte head issues with resolving FT2 pkgconfig stuff, which 
> leads that gnome-terminal and other projects that require FT2 
> stuff from VTE fail to build. Manually removing of FT2* in 
> the makefiles is required.

Sounds important. Please make a fuss.

> - some jp.po files got added to gnome-utils which totally 
> broke the build, manual removing of jp in the is 
> required and could be really annoying because put there wrong.

Is this recent? Or is it just that the jp translator keeps making the same
mistakes. Anyway, again it's important.
> so far all i know and remember. hope i could help.

Well done. Thanks.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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