Nautilus & Web browsing [Was: Re: KDE Interop / D-BUS background]


On Monday 10 March 2003 11:38, Julien Olivier wrote:
|  >  - Mozilla doesn't have native UI (Qt/GTK) and is too complex
|  >  - Galeon is too complex
|  >  - Phoenix is not native UI
|  >  - Epiphany is not finished
|  >  - Konqueror is too complex and is tightly bound to having
|  >    KDE desktop running
|  Hi
|  Just another option: why not using Nautilus with Gecko so that Nautilus
|  becomes GNOME's web browser just like konqueror is KDE's web browser ?

I have asked this question on Nautilus list, and answer was that "Nautilus 
would support Galeon2 component for Web Browsing view, when it's ready", 
There is no info, though, *when* we would get it (timeframe) and how smoothly 
it can work.

One of my concerns over Galeon (I have used Galeon1 only, may be, this issue 
would be addressed in Galeon2) that it uses Mozilla's native scrollbars/UI 
elements, so you don't get native GTK theming.
This also reminds me that Mozilla's native scollbar-drawing-code resides in 
memory and uses system resources, when it should not do so.
IMO, GTK code for widgets works much fatser, and GTK2 widgets look like very 
nice (at least, comparing to Mozilla native widgets :-).

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Vadim Plessky
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