Re: Fam working a little to well?

Yes, I notice this aswell. It is very annoying and on a slower computer
if you are downloading @ 1000k/sec with a nautilus window your cpu
usage is very very high. I think the problem lies in delivering signals
to FAM and nautilus. The kernel sends a signal to the fam daemon every time
a directory gets updated. Then the fam daemon sends the signal to nautilus.
When you are downloading fast enough the number of signals delivered per
second shoot way up. Some sort of buffering mechanism might be a good idea.
So the kernel only sends a signal after 1 second. I don't know if people
actually need sub-second directory updates. This would have to be done in 
the kernel's dnotify code.

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 05:09:27PM +0100, Chris Chabot wrote:
> As i am downloading a file to my desktop, fam & nautilus are sucking up 
> 25% of my CPU time, to update me on every byte that has been 
> downloaded.. I have to admit that if it would inform me of every Kb 
> downloaded, or update once per second, and use only 1% cpu or less, i 
> wouldn't complain ;-)
> Isn't this a little bit overkill to make fam/nautilus _this_ sensitive?
> 	-- Chris
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