Re: Themes, Icons, Desktop Integration/Consistency, and The GNOME Architecture

>        Also, as far as consistency goes, the UI Prefs for deciding
> which toolbar style to use, and icon size in the toolbar, seem to have
> the ability to be set with XSettings,

Is this the same thing as the "gtk-icon-size" string in the RC file, or
different?  I think we should surely have only one icon-sizing API.

I agree with dobey that the current situation is not great.  I've been
fretting about gtk-stock-icons versus THemes versus desktop-icon-themes
for awhile.  I do get nervous about suggestions that icon theming move
into gnome-vfs, but am too ignorant to explain exactly why :-)

One upon I time I thought I heard that gtk-stock-icons should
integrate/interop with the desktop-icon-set "spec" (which I guess is
still kind of immature?)  I raised this a few weeks ago but nobody took
the bait.  It seems to me that, if feasible, this is the kind of thing
we should aim for in GTK+-2.6 if it can't be done in time for GTK+-2.4
(but surely we don't want to wait for GNOME 2.8 to fix this!)

It seems to me that the gtk-stock-icon stuff should transparently work
with desktop-icon-sets.  If we want desktop-icon-sets to somehow be
totally toolkit-agnostic then we need to use the same theming and
pixmap-naming-and-finding mechanisms across the board in GNOME, don't


Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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