Re: [Usability]User Object Simplification?


We never talked much about how to translate this into code.

It seems the basic idea is to abstract some of the functionality of a
"container", i.e. make the panel more like a directory view and a
nautilus directory view more like the panel.

Concrete steps here seem to include:

 - perhaps the panel contents should map to a filesystem directory, 
   instead of a bunch of gconf settings?

 - establishing an initial place to share code between panel and
   nautilus, a library that supports "things/icons" that can be
   contained - where things/icons have to be lightweight enough to be
   elements in a nautilus directory view.


On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 04:25:35PM -0800, Seth Nickell wrote:
> To provide some concrete interpretation of what the future diagram means
> practically... the Future model is currently implying that when you drag
> things to the panel, they actually live there. So for example, if you
> drag a folder to the panel it doesn't become a quick way to access that
> folder... it moves the folder to the panel (unless you CTRL-drag in
> which case it copies, or middle drag in which case you could select
> "link here").
> "Things" in the future should be a lot more than the objects we have
> today (launchers, applets, files, folders). For example, you'd
> eventually be able to drag snippets of documents here too, for example
> drag the graph out of Gnumeric onto the panel, switch to AbiWord and
> drag it off the panel into AbiWord. Or you could select some text in
> this email and drag it to the panel. In this manner the panel (and the
> desktop / file manager for that matter) starts to serve as a physical
> clipboard. 
> Metaphorically I've been thinking about it sort of like the strips of
> cork that some white boards have above them.
> -Seth
> On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 15:49, Nils Pedersen wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Here is something I have been working on with the likes of Calum and 
> > Seth (although, when they see it, they may disown all involvement).
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Anyway take a look at it and lemme know what you think.
> > 
> > Nils
> > 

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