New 2.3.x start page replaces "dotplan"

Hey everyone,

It seemed pretty silly to have two different locations to find out what's
going on with the current development release, so we've decided to drop the
dotplan page on and make better use of the versioned
start pages on

So instead of going to:

You should go to:

We'll make the dotplan pages redirect once the start page has the desktop
and platform module lists.

The main feature of the current page is the proposed 2.3 series schedule.
There are a couple of niggling issues that we want to deal with before it's
blessed as official [1], and we also want to get YOUR feedback! Please reply
to this email if you have any comments on the schedule.

Another interesting feature is the news that there is a release due next
week... :-)


- Jeff

[1] Would three week versioned releases make more sense? When should we
schedule 2.2.2? (Because we actually want to schedule it, rather than leave
it to merit, as the page currently reads.)

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