RE: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background]

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 18:22, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > well, I don't think the concern has been exactly that it 
> > doesn't use CORBA, but why not using the existing framework 
> > we already have in place, fully tested and working so far.
> Although the technical details are over my head, I think many people have
> said they don't think it's working so far, or that it's overly difficult to
> make it work.
it works for me, apart, of course, from a few bugs that I don't know how
hard would it be to fix. But the global answer is "ORBit and Bonobo do
work", specially since 2.0, when, unfortunately, a lot of apps dropped
bonobo due to the (many) problems found in Bonobo for 1.4. (also due,
like in the gnome-db case you mention below, to the overuse of Bonobo
for things that can perfectly be done without it)

I must say that my experience (not as big as I'd like) with bonobo 2.x
has been a lot nicer than with previous versions. Of course, it's still
not perfect, but saying that "it's not working so far" is a big

> Didn't you yourself choose to remove CORBA from gnome-db's libgda?
yes, I removed it from the basic data access layer, to make it have no
dependencies, a thing that was required for things like Mono, gnumeric
and Abiword, for instance, and which has helped a lot in the acceptance
of libgda as a lightweight data access library. But it has nothing to do
with this argument, specially since I didn't invent anything new, I just
replaced the CORBA part with GModule's, to make it more lightweight.


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