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Hi Alex,

On Mon, 2003-03-03 at 13:35, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> A 'delay till idle' POA policy, should such a beast be written, can't
> be introduced without a great amount of care. Its very easy to get a 
> back-call which means you will deadlock with a 'delay till idle'
> policy, since outgoing CORBA calls are blocking. 

	Of course - and therein is the rub. Still - the more trivial 'process
oneways at idle' would solve many of the problems people are seeing -
and incur no real complexity - beyond that of invocation re-ordering,
which is just one of those things.

> Furthermore the Bonobo APIs have one global POA used by all
> BonoboObjects, so having several types of POAs in gnome is very hard.

	That's pretty easy to fix in libbonobo.

> You are the maintainer and main proponent of Bonobo. Why haven't you
> fixed this, if you say it is so easy? I know we pointed this problem
> out for you a long time ago, and we even discussed this recently and
> you seemed to understand that it is a problem[1].

	Since December I've been working on other things - however I was making
linc/ORBit2 thread safe in my spare time - the changes starting from
around that time. Clearly - it's hard to deploy that until Gnome 2.4. I
was even working on this on the way to FOSDEM where I was substantially

> Yes, it is true that by using ORBit-specific non-CORBA functionallity you 
> can in fact get connection-based lifetime handling for a simple 
> daemon-style setup (such as a message bus). However, it is much less 
> useful when handling for instance embedded UI components, or any other 
> case where object ownership is "interesting". 

	Sure - I'm happy to extend the ORBit2 functionality beyond what CORBA
specifies, that's no real issue. However - you say that the lifecycle
problem exists - and that it's much less useful for handling embedded UI
components - and yet you appear to propose no solution - short (I
imagine) of glupping everything into one big fragile process.



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