RE: Building *bonobo* docs ...

> From: Owen Taylor [mailto:otaylor redhat com] 
>  A) Find someone who:
>     - Has gnomeweb user access, or has been around the gnome project
>       long enough that we can trust them with gnomeweb user access
>     - Is willing to babysit failures of the docs rebuild scripts
>     - Wants to extend the doc rebuild scripts to cover:
>        bonobo-activation, libgnome, bonobo, libgnomeui, bonoboui
>       (Maybe linc, ORBit2 ... the scripts build them currently but
>       don't attempt to package the docs, if there are any relevant
>       ones.)
>  B) Find someone to take on the project of switching the docs to
>     be extracted from tinderbox. (Is tinderbox working at the present
>     time? Poking around doesn't look
>     very promising.

B) Seems a bit overambitious. In fact the present system seems overambitious
because it clearly isn't working and seems to require some undocumented
expert tweaking. Maybe it would be nice to just do something like
  jhbuild build-and-upload-docs

If we keep the existing system then we really do need to urgently delegate
some more gnomeweb access. Do we have any responsible volunteers?

Sorry, I'm stuck behind a proxy and I can't do much apart from send emails
these days.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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