Re: KDE Interop [Was: D-BUS background]

Damn, and i was trying to be so carefully keeping UI components and backend
services seperated! ;-)

To quote from HP's "d-bus in the big picture" email:

Non-use-cases for message bus
 - widget embedding. I don't believe we should have communication
   between a shell such as the file manager, and embedded components
   in the file manager, going via the message bus daemon.
  I would tend to design widget embedding by specifying an in-process
   component interface, and then adding some way to proxy that to an
   IPC mechanism. The IPC may be "network transparent" or may need to
   be explicit, if the shell is paranoid about locked-up components.

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> On the same idea, wold D-BUS help create a common file dialog ? Here's
> my idea:
> There should be a file dialog daemon with chich any app (based on GTK,QT
> or any toolkit) could communicate and ask it to display the file dialog
> (written in GTK or QT or X or whatever), passing options to it (MIME
> type filters for example) and getting the URI back from the file dialog.
> Do you think D-BUS could help here ?

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